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“ Karis Munroe is the most driven and ambitious woman leader I have ever met in business. She possesses a strong bias for thoughtful actions. Above all Karis is a true visionary. She’s able to see things in a way that blows my mind. To top it off, Karis is the most altruistic leader that anyone could engage. She see’s what’s possible for everyone. She’s always on a mission to improve the lives of the ordinary people. She’s a blessing to humanity! "

Dwight Scott

Entrepreneur- Developer- Technologist

“ The day I met Dr. Karis Munroe is when I felt that I was in the presence of a real celebrity for the first time in my life . Not the type that’s a singer or actor. But the type that I personally hold up high as a real celeb in my book. Karis is a strong independent and extremely motivated woman. The challenges she have encountered and then overcame, and then encountered again and overcome again is why she is the real celeb/ superwoman as far as I can see. I’d like to let the world know that when you think you’ve got challenges that seem to great to over come, you should read her book and find out who she is. "

Pierre Wallace


“ The Queen of Real Estate Dr. Karis is a visionary entrepreneur with an outstanding work ethic. She has the gift to see the best in people. I am glad to have her as not only a client but a friend."

-H.E Dakar Eubanks

CEO, Dakar Marketing Tools
Director of Chaplaincy Program, Global Oved Dei Seminary and University (GODSU)
United States Of America

Hebrew 11:1 tells us that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things yet seen.  Theoretically we all understand this verse, but Dr. Munroe has taken on the challenge of making the word ‘substance’ a action word.  Over the many years of our friendship I have seen her take an idea and bring it into existence.  Dr. Munroe has a unique ability to hold on to an idea and set up the necessary infrastructure around it, giving it the ability to manifest.  She has demonstrated this ability time and time again, whether it be amassing a multi-million dollar real estate empire or creating and implementing a MLS system in the Caribbean... (READ MORE)

Allison Collymore MBA, PMP

IT Marketing Sr. Program Manager - Synchrony Bank
United States Of America

Karis Munroe is a person that you may only reach once or twice in your lifetime. She is a purpose driven, focused and determine individual with such a strong passion to achieve her dreams that even when difficulties and adversities face her instead of it swallowing her up she somehow finds that inner strength to regroup and continue which is what amazes all who have met her.  Though academically brilliant and a specialist in her field she has a heart of love for all humans and a passion to see them develop and succeed no matter what their status, race or creed...(READ MORE)

Timothy Noel

Corporate Accountant

Dr.Karis munroe knowledge and experience in the sector is invaluable for organizations and community

Her expert knowledge, good nature, and honest approach gives a strong foothold to start reshaping projects and organization.

Karis has leadership, skills and ability to keep the team enthusiastic through out and motivate the productive team members. These qualities are her assets. Her management skills are impressive...(READ MORE)

Roshan Khan

Financial & Real Estate Consultant
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Meet Dr. Kay

“JUST BELIEVE and you are halfway there!” It's only fitting that international visionary and entrepreneur Dr. Hc Karis Munroe's life philosophy reflects a supernatural power of these words and actions. Dr. HC Karis, also known as the "Caribbean Queen of Realestate," uses uncompromising business savvy to lead as the founder of Fabulous Homes International and as the Creator of the first Caribbean First Multiple Listing System; an international listing repository software and MLS Web Application that serves twenty thousand agencies and 39 million people in the Caribbean and Latin American real estate market. Dr. HC Karis is an innovative and cutting edge leader in what will become the largest real estate tech revolution for the emerging Caribbean and Latin American Real Estate Market projected to generate more than $50 Billion in revenue through 2020 and beyond.

Dr. HC Karis is most recognized for her fortitude and resilience. She is relentless in all of her pursuits.  Through a four-year feasibility study in the Guyana Housing Market, Dr. HC Karis led her team to build a thriving homeownership program. This initiative assisted public and private sector employees across Guyana to be able to save towards owning an affordable home. Since the program's inception Dr. HC Karis's leadership has surpassed the initial goals of only serving five hundred families to now serving over 5000, under the now Project 5000 program. In full support of meeting the new goals of this initiative, Dr.HC Karis also created the Guyana National Housing Trust Corporation to be a financial gateway to assist thousands in the Project 5000 program.

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