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“ Karis Munroe is the most driven and ambitious woman leader I have ever met in business. She possesses a strong bias for thoughtful actions. Above all Karis is a true visionary. She’s able to see things in a way that blows my mind. To top it off, Karis is the most altruistic leader that anyone could engage. She see’s what’s possible for everyone. She’s always on a mission to improve the lives of the ordinary people. She’s a blessing to humanity! "

Dwight Scott

Entrepreneur- Developer- Technologist

The day I met Dr. Karis Munroe is when I felt that I was in the presence of a real celebrity for the first time in my life . Not the type that’s a singer or actor. But the type that I personally hold up high as a real celeb in my book. Karis is a strong independent and extremely motivated woman. The challenges she have encountered and then overcame, and then encountered again and overcome again is why she is the real celeb/ superwoman as far as I can see. I’d like to let the world know that when you think you’ve got challenges that seem to great to over come, you should read her book and find out who she is.

Pierre Wallace


“ The Queen of Real Estate Dr. Karis is a visionary entrepreneur with an outstanding work ethic. She has the gift to see the best in people. I am glad to have her as not only a client but a friend."

-H.E Dakar Eubanks

CEO, Dakar Marketing Tools
Director of Chaplaincy Program, Global Oved Dei Seminary and University (GODSU)
United States Of America

Hebrew 11:1 tells us that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things yet seen.  Theoretically we all understand this verse, but Dr. Munroe has taken on the challenge of making the word ‘substance’ a action word.  Over the many years of our friendship I have seen her take an idea and bring it into existence.  Dr. Munroe has a unique ability to hold on to an idea and set up the necessary infrastructure around it, giving it the ability to manifest.  She has demonstrated this ability time and time again, whether it be amassing a multi-million dollar real estate empire or creating and implementing a MLS system in the Caribbean.  Dr. Munroe is a principled individual who leads from a place of integrity and honesty.  She is a trailblazer in the field of real estate development in Guyana. Dr. Munroe has set herself a part from the pack by constantly proving that she is capable of taking her dreams, no matter the outlook of the five senses, and fully manifesting them into reality.  It is this infectious ability that truly makes her the leader she is; those around her are constantly reminded that we too can dream big and with the right amount of effort and dedication we too can achieve our dreams.

Allison Collymore MBA, PMP

IT Marketing Sr. Program Manager - Synchrony Bank
United States Of America

Karis Munroe is a person that you may only reach once or twice in your lifetime. She is a purpose driven, focused and determine individual with such a strong passion to achieve her dreams that even when difficulties and adversities face her instead of it swallowing her up she somehow finds that inner strength to regroup and continue which is what amazes all who have met her.  Though academically brilliant and a specialist in her field she has a heart of love for all humans and a passion to see them develop and succeed no matter what their status, race or creed. This in my opinion makes her stand out from others in her category.  Her confidence     and finesse stands out lyet humble enough and very approachable by all persons regardless of their status or financial position.  She is always willing to help others also fulfil their dreams. This makes her a unique person and one to be admired as a woman, entrepreneur and   human being.

Timothy Noel

Timothy Noel - Corporate Accountant

My mother is the most beautiful and caring person in my life. She's a very strong woman both physically and mentally. Above all my mom is a true visionary. She’s able to see things in a way that blows my mind. To top it off. She see’s what’s possible for everyone. She’s always encourage my brother and I to do big things. She’s a very loving mother who cares about everyone. She's the best person ever.

Akaila Cooper Munroe


Karis Munroe our real estate guru, fashionista, serial business entrepreneur always striving to help others reach their full potential & building wealth through real estate, is not only my friend, my mentor, business colleague that I share & discuss business opportunities & someone I greatly value in my circle. Karis thrives on removing mountains, overcoming obstacles & is a true visionary!

Odetta King

Finance professor, Financial author, Financial professional -
United States Of America

As a former student of Dr. Munroe's real estate class. She is someone that most definitely can be counted on. Her ability to instill knowledge is unmatched in my experience.

Shaquan Charles


From Colporteur to Professor
I used the French spelling which have an awe about it that’s more fascinating,fantastic and fabulous than the English. It is like hand and glove to whom I speak of, perfect fit.

In come strolling of what my eyes have behold a tall shapely silhouette accompanied by a carry on luggage like she has now get off a plane. There was no clothing in the luggage but rather book of a religious nature.

During the sale of the books to me I got find out some interesting things about her. She was attending Andrews University extention campus based in Trinidad in the field of Business Administration and its related disciplines. Her goalfor the amount of literature she intended for sale in a specific time frame outside the norm. The numbers of books she was expecting to sell was like the equivalent for two or three persons.

That put me in a battle between myself and the stigma that was being said about young people at that present time. This was no stigmatized young person,she defy all what was being said and was quite the opposite. This young person had drive, motivation, determination, ambition, passion and was focus on what she set out to accomplish.

This was evident after she had return to my neighborhood to collect payment for books.”Wow how could you trust people and you didn't ’t know nothing about them or this neighborhood” was my response. That added a new dimension to her character in the form of trust. Then I queried how the sale of books was going and her reply was “ I think I will have to reorder more books, all sold” . I said to her “that’s great”! She then said it wasn’t easy though and it took physical strength to pull the book up and down a rocky hill everyday.

From selling Books , to Cleaning products,to Fire Extinguishers,  to Perfumes, to Real Estate and Fabulous Homes International Atlanta Georgia and Fabulous Homes International Guyana! How did this “busy body “ find time to obtain her Doctorate and become a Professor?

Those same adjectives mentioned earlier in this chapter describing her character such as Drive, Motivation,Determination , Ambition, Passion ,Focused on Goals and Dreams and being Trustworthy has propelled this Love to Develop this (LADY) into Unique Queen she is and Fashion Icon.

Cliff Hunte

Entrepreneur- Architect

Dr. Karis Munroe. is a person of exceptional Class and character , her Will power to be focus and passionate to get any task done is much to be admired .She is a person of strength , fate and determination.Her will power is what makes her a winner in any situation or circumstances.

Rondell Munroe

United States Of America

Dr. Karis Munroe is the most purpose-driven businesswoman I happen to know.
Her passion for Real Estate development in Guyana is exemplary!
It is amazing how she becomes the mind of the ordinary person and moves them to do the extraordinary. While some never thought there was a way to become a home owner, this Real Estate Boss showed thousands how they can shun the call for unnecessary spending and make one of the most important investment decisions - becoming a homeowner.
She deposited in many the ingredient to achieving dreams that seemed big with mustard seed-sized money - faith in action!
With the tagline "Dream Bigger" she lets you know that it still doesn't stop there!

This sassy executive has definitely earned her title of Dr. For she is more than just a Chief Executive! She is not just a teacher through academic dispersion, but a general by demonstration. With a drive that reaches the world, this heart of determination lights up the aisle to success.
With her as my CEO, I am already on the path to the unlimited!!!

Shauna Jemmott

Sales & Marketing Manager
Fabulous Homes International

I believe all the best stuff in life requires work. But when it comes to friendship, we often get caught up in serendipity and believe fate and convenience will do the heavy lifting, leaving us to just sit back and enjoy the abundance our companionable angels delivered to us. But everyday seeing you grind and working extremely hard motivates me to push myself beyond the norm. They say the world is a spirit taking world and we are all brother and sisters, You are my big sister no matter what happens. I live by one motto I have no competition with anyone out there but with myself and I push myself to do good at all times. But I've grown to love you. You have always banged in my ear, that how is non of your business, just go out there and do what you have to do and I now understand what you ment. I'm grateful that I would have met and shared some awesome memories with you business and personal wise and that will never change. Much love, respect and continuous guidance.

Mark Roy Junor


Ok, my name is Anatha Haynes. I'm actually a real estate consultant at Fabulous HomesInternational Realty; I intend to become a real estate investor one day. SevenLife-Changing Lessons I was taught by my Real Estate Mentor Dr. Karis Munroe, ourvery own CEO and Broker.

● Believe in yourself.Strong confidence in yourself will offer you all these advantages and more: you knowyour potential to accomplish goals. You are confident about the future when you setgoals and accomplish them. You know, deep down inside, you can do anything.

● Don't take advice from anyone you don't want to trade shoes with.It is my favorite life quote. My mentor hasn't taught me this quote, but rather she hasdemonstrated it. I believe in this quote because it's funny to me how many peoplewant to impose their opinions on you, and yet they don't live the sort of life you wantto experience, so why should you take their opinions of there journey seriously? Theidea is, to find people who live the kind of life you want to one day live, and to take allthe advice and constructive criticism from them.

● Don’t ask “if” you can do something—ask “how” to do it.This was a huge piece of advice from my mentor to me. She said this exact phraseto me a few times. She was right, too. So often people may ask others for theiropinions about whether or not they should/ can do something, and people are verylikely to say no. Then in your quiet moment you sit and ask yourself why would theysay that? Most times it’s either because they couldn’t do it themselves, they weren’twilling to look for creative solutions, or maybe they simply weren’t too excited aboutyou succeeding. However, the better question to ask would be “how can I do it?” Youcan ask people that directly, but you can also make that your intention—to figure outhow to do whatever it is you want to do.Going against the masses and making things happen as you want them to be is onething (and a cool thing!), but trying to force something completely unrealistic will befrustrating and potentially time-wasting. The trick is — how can you decide whetheranything is a reasonable idea to do in spite of some naysayers, or whether it's justcompletely unrealistic? I'm not sure how to answer that, except to say, “Be aseducated as possible.” With education, you will know whether or not anything isrealistically possible— even if it can require some creativity! Also, assess who isnaysaying the idea. Are they educated? How well are they doing things? Are theydoing things that you want to be involved in? What’s their credibility? Use yourjudgment. Either way, if you'll know if something can work, spend your time figuring outhow to make that happen

● Don’t speculate.Guess what causes people to “jump off the ledge and go bananas”? Emotions.Guess what most often leads to emotions? Speculating. Speculating on someone’sintentions and speculating on what is really going on when you don’t actually knoware far too common. This is true for life, but it’s especially true when practicing realestate. Selling real estate is not an easy job to do but the benefits are sometimesunbelievable if one is putting in the hours. However, in the years I’ve been in theindustry, I’ve realized none of it should be taken personally and the assumption ofanything or anyone is pointless. It is better to state the problem, state what isnecessary to remedy it, and go from there. I now save my emotional freakouts forventing to my mentor, or my dogs.

● Your consistency will separate you from the mass of real estate agents.Consistency is what it’s all about if you want to be one of the successful real estateagents at the top of your game. If you're consistent, your clients know they can relyon you to create trust. The cycle of being consistent has a fascinating consequence— you're going to develop a strong habit. That's right; it's going to become a habitwhen you communicate with your clients and complete your lead generationactivities. Everyone wants to work with a real estate agent they can rely on anytimethey want to sell, invest, or buy. Real estate agents need to be consistent in everyaspect of the business, and now you know how to be awesome!

● Life works better and is less stressful when we constructively worktogether.Building relationships with other real estate agents would contribute to success inthis field. Every company involving high commissions is becoming very competitive,and competition often leads to unprofessional behaviour. Trust is the basis for everykind of partnership. Building mutual confidence requires time and effort. Not only doyou have to establish trust with your sellers and buyers, you have to win theconfidence of your office mates and competing agents. Listings rarely sellthemselves. Real estate agents aren’t secret agents. Remember: Competing realestate agents must work together in order to make more money because you neverknow if they’re the ones to help you close a dying deal. Ultimately, creating anexcellent professional reputation will lead to more business and greater success.

● It is possible.There is a possibility that you can live your dream in reality but you must want itenough to put in the works- come hills or high waters. Every living human being isgiven the same hours per day but what makes you different from them is how youspend your time. Procrastination is not always a good idea if it’d become a habit inyour life. Do your research, market yourself and listings, trust the process and havefaith in the outcome. If you fail, keep going for you know better now than before.I hope that the lessons I've learned from my mentor will support you on your realestate journey. Realizing that this has definitely helped with mine. My mentor hasplayed an integral part of my career, and I really admire her. Thank you for being agood mentor (knowingly/ unknowingly) and for leading me down the right path. I willalways be thankful to you. Not only have you been a great mentor to me, but you'vetaught me how to mentor other people. Thank you for opening my eyes to newstages of potential and strength and hopefully one day I too can be an inspiration for other successful young black women also.

Anatha Haynes

Real Estate Consultant

Dr.Karis munroe knowledge and experience in the sector is invaluable for organizations and community

Her expert knowledge, good nature, and honest approach gives a strong foothold to start reshaping projects and organization.

Karis has leadership, skills and ability to keep the team enthusiastic through out and motivate the productive team members. These qualities are her assets. Her management skills are impressive.
Along with leadership skills and positive attitude. She also offers several innovative ideas which are always out of the box and have proved very effective. Her hard work and dedication towards the work is commendable. She is the most amazing person that I have come across in my life. Her outstanding contribution and thought process makes her valuable Towards a greater cause.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and many thanks for your contributions to the greater good of community and the reshaping the life of humanity in your own way!

Roshan Khan

Financial & Real Estate Consultant

I have known Karis in a variety of capacities for many years here in the U.S.Very hard working and humble lady who puts everything she's got into what she believes in. Karis is efficient, detail-oriented, and extremely competent.She is extremely organized, and never misses a deadline or forgets an assignment. Karis also has an excellent rapport with people of all types. Her excellent communication skills allow her to connect with all kinds of people and to inspire them to put forth their best effort. She will be a valuable asset for any organization.

Eddie Tosh Cantle

Film Maker  & Music Producer
United States Of America

This missive seeks to validate the personage of Dr. Karis Munroe, whom I have known for an approximate decade.Dr. K. Munroe has consistently demonstrated before me, her contemporaries and those within her immediate and direct sphere of influence, the quintessential virtues of rectitude, reliability, economy, initiative, stick-to-itiveness, conscientiousness and teachability, and has been constructively    and ambitiously relentless in her diligently guided quest for higher brands of excellence.Hers is the retained carriage of simplicity and refined grace as she gives attention to the demands of work. By distinction, any ingenious ideas conceptualized and/or, of assignments allotted to Dr. Karis Munroe, is by her, meticulously and masterfully organized and executed with optimal proficiency.Mine is the unassailable conviction that whatsoever represents virtue and of those things to which she concentrates and commits her faculties, shall bear fruits worthy of commendation.

Dr. Olsen A. Munroe

JP/CoA | Educator | Chaplin | Marriage Officer  

Dr. Karis Munroe is an accomplished powerhouse in the areas of fashion, designing, and real estate. The true Caribbean Queen of Real Estate, she has been empowering others in her real estate initiatives both in the United States as well as internationally. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Munroe at a Global Oved Dei Seminary and University graduation and was immediately struck by her presence and welcoming spirit. A mentor of mine, Dr. Munroe encourages me (as well as others around her) to never shy away from the talents and skillsets that God has bestowed upon us. A servant leader, she inspires me to be the best me I can possibly be to provide value to those around me!

Cairo Eubanks

Miss Broward County 2020, Miss America Local Titleholder
CEO, CairoSpeaks/CairoWrites
Global Correspondent, Global Oved Dei Seminary and University (GODSU)

I once met a woman that was a lion the day I met her. I knew this because I too was a lion. In our many years roaming around the safari & taking control of the other animals I was able to see that she had no fear or obstacle that could ever stop her.  That lion is Dr Karis Munroe Cooper.  In the last 15 years of knowing this lioness of a woman she has crossed barrier after barrier with no thought as to what if something couldn't or wouldn't work. From being a multi million dollar real estate producer to a real estate developer she has only energy for the WIN.  She is as standup as they come & if anyone is looking for a mentor or leader to follow she is IT.

Sammy Ryce

Entrepreneur- Motivator-Coach

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