Founder of Fabulous Homes International Realty Group | Creator of Caribbean First Multiple Listing System (CFMLS) |  Creator of Guyana’s Best Homeownership Platform & the Guyana National Housing Trust
Visionary Entrepreneur | Strategist | Creator of Caribbean Startup Incubator “BuddingPreneurs” | Creator of Youth Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Platform “YEES” |

International Licensed Broker | Caribbean Queen of Real Estate

Meet Dr. Karis

“JUST BELIEVE and you are halfway there!” It's only fitting that international visionary and entrepreneur Dr. Hc Karis Munroe's life philosophy reflects a supernatural power of these words and actions. Dr. HC Karis, also known as the "Caribbean Queen of Realestate," uses uncompromising business savvy to lead as the founder of Fabulous Homes International and as the Creator of the first Caribbean First Multiple Listing System; an international listing repository software and MLS Web Application that serves twenty thousand agencies and 39 million people in the Caribbean and Latin American real estate market. Dr. HC Karis is an innovative and cutting edge leader in what will become the largest real estate tech revolution for the emerging Caribbean and Latin American Real Estate Market projected to generate more than $50 Billion in revenue through 2020 and beyond.

Dr. HC Karis is most recognized for her fortitude and resilience. She is relentless in all of her pursuits.  Through a four-year feasibility study in the Guyana Housing Market, Dr. HC Karis led her team to build a thriving homeownership program. This initiative assisted public and private sector employees across Guyana to be able to save towards owning an affordable home. Since the program's inception Dr. HC Karis's leadership has surpassed the initial goals of only serving five hundred families to now serving over 5000, under the now Project 5000 program. In full support of meeting the new goals of this initiative, Dr.HC Karis also created the Guyana National Housing Trust Corporation to be a financial gateway to assist thousands in the Project 5000 program.

Dr. Hc Munroe is distinguished by her passion for business, her focus on collaborative team-building, and her commitment to meeting  and exceeding customer and market demands. Her contagious enthusiasm instills her and her team members with extraordinary energy and dedication in an environment where creativity and innovation are encouraged. Dr. Hc Karis does not just set out ambitious goals, she motivates herself and her people to deliver.

Dr. Hc Munroe has grown her firm Fabulous Homes International consistently over the past several years which is becoming one of the fastest growing real estate firms in the Caribbean and South America. Currently number #6 in the Region of the Caribbean and Latin America. Dr. Hc Munroe and her team has sold over 3000 properties In the United States , Caribbean and South American Market over the last ten years, and has extensive knowledge of the trends in the global real estate market. Her company, Fabulous Homes International, has offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Guyana, South America. She is also an active member of several trade associations and the Founder of Caribbean Association of Real Estate Professionals.

Some of her Accomplishments to date are summarized below:
- Founder, C.E.O and Qualifying Broker of Fabulous Homes International Realty, United States.
- Founder of Fabulous Homes International Realty Guyana, South America.
- Founder of Caribbean Association of Real Estate Professionals
- Founder/Co-developer of Caribbean First Multiple Listing Service (Currently in Beta Testing)
- Founder of Guyana National Housing Trust
- Founder of Non Profit Youth Empowerment Entrepreneurship and sustainability
- Founder of The Foundation #Almost Homeless
- Founder of Caribbean Startup Incubator (BuddingPreneurs A platform created to develop worthwhile Idea, from an Idea to Execution/Profitability)

Awards And Honors:
- Million Dollar Club Member
- Lifetime Summit Member Summit Century Club Top Ten Sales Associate Superstar Referral Agent
- Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald & Diamond Club Medallion Club Winner
- Honorary Master of Science in Counseling
- Honorary PhD in Humanitarianism

Current Developing Project - Avalon Community

A glimpse of the latest development project Dr. Karis is currently building through Fabulous Homes International - Guyana

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